Non-invasive procedures are cosmetic beauty treatments for individuals who want to improve the appearance of an aspect of their face and/or body, but do not wish to undergo the risk of complications, side effects and recovery time associated with more invasive plastic surgery procedures.


Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures include (but are not limited to) treatments with non-ablative lasers, radio frequency, acoustic waves, cosmetic tattooing, light-based therapies, light-to-medium strength chemical peels, and even surgical treatments which can be performed under only local anesthetic.These procedures are growing more and more accessible to the average person looking to improve his or her appearance.


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Who we are?

Our Lipolisis & Mediceutical Clinic officially opened in 2005 and is located at a very strategic location in the heart of Johor Bahru city centre. Contact us.

Our clinic is fully equipped with the latest aesthetic and body sculpture & slimming devices. We offer a wide range of treatment from body sculpting to skin rejuvenation to help our clients achieve their cosmetic goals. All treatments are carried out to the highest professional standards by fully trained doctor and nurses, ensuring that the highest standards are consistently maintained.

Deciding to change your appearance whether it is for medical or purely aesthetic reasons is an important decision so naturally you will want to place it in the safe hands of the doctor...

Come visit us today for a Free consultation worth RM 50 for every sign up of treatment at our clinic. Starting from the 1st of February 2013,there will be a fee of RM 50 for our consultation..Rebate of the consultation fee is applicable only for those who sign up for a treatment.